FIDLAR - White On White (Live at the Electric Factory, 1/24/14)

Here’s a #throwback for you— this was six months ago and my ears are still ringing.

I’ve been a big fan of FIDLAR for a while, but I went to this concert mainly to see the Pixies as part of their reunion tour. The Pixies were wild, I mean, there were teenage and middle-aged fans alike screaming and crying all around me (a hulking, muscular guy next to me was flat-out weeping during “Hey”). But their touring bassist had nothing on Kim Deal, and Frank Black just wasn’t that into it that night. There was no encore, and most disappointingly, no “Here Comes Your Man.” Also, “Philly didn’t get an encore ‘cause Philly didn’t earn an encore?” What?! Speaking as someone who nearly got crushed when she tried to move towards center stage, Mr. Black, I must respectfully disagree with you.

At any rate, seeing the Pixies in 2014 was just as incredible as you would expect, even if they were a little low-spirited, but openers FIDLAR made the concert for me. Their set was fast and fun and tight, their music vibrant and full of spontaneous energy. From your bedroom, their lyrics can sound kind of ditzy and simplistic, their surf-punk aesthetic unoriginal. Live, though, the words spinning out of the guitarists’ mouths (“Got no job, got no money, got no place to be”) felt relatable to the point of gospel, and their stoked/broke/awkward aura felt like the only genuine way of life. These guys are captivating— a true live band, and I had the honor of watching them make FIDLAR fans out of a sold-out crowd of Pixies fans. 

BONUS TRIVIA: You can’t see it in this video, but at the end of this song, drummer Max Kuehn smiled wide at a group of people against the right side of the barricade. That was me! That smile may have been because the drunk girl behind me was repeatedly screaming “I love you, Max,” but I like to think it was because he sensed my vibe from across the stage.